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Hiya, my name is Twocatsandpossum. I'm a New Orleans-based artist with a big passion for food, smiles, and creating stories about it all. You also could know me as a Silly Butts creator and author of The First Silly Butts Coloring Book that lives its happy life on Amazon now.

I started working on a new Silly Butts book. It will be called Silly Butts Food Fun Facts. I plan to put (on a spread) on one page a food silly butt illustration and a fun fact about this food on another. During the process, I decided to publish individual stories on my Patreon page and here so you wouldn't be so bored waiting for the book to be published.

Also, there will be a lot of fun stories about my artist’s life, three cats and etc.

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Whimsical Artist | Silly Butts Creator | My coloring book is on Amazon | Boss of three meownagers | Non-Binary Married Lesbian | Vegetarian | Bad Sass Muffin Hugger | Diversity speaking | But food first!